Today I stumbled upon a really neat app. It’s called Duolingo and it’s a language learning app that I’m really enjoying. I have started using it to improve both my French and Spanish. I think it would be both a fun and useful tool for students and parents of French Immersion students who want to learn French as well. Duolingo is easy to use and would spice up an early morning commute or evening jog.

And best of all… It’s FREE!



Salut! Hello!

Welcome to our class’ blog: “Today with Mme Prest.” 

My goal with this website is to keep both students and parents in the know about what happens each day at school.  On this site you will find homework assignments, upcoming projects or events as well as useful French resources.  It is also expected that absent students will be able to use the website to catch up on what they missed.  Click on the TAB above for your class and enjoy!

Thank you et merci,

Mme Prest